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Wannabe Director’s Commentary

Wannabe Director’s Commentary: Robocop

I watch a lot of movies, and thought you might be interested in what goes through my head as I watch them. So I jotted down a few things as I watched and here they are.

First up, my random thoughts about Robocop.

  • The dad from “That 70’s Show” is pretty freaking evil.

  • Why, in the future, are there always punk rapists with high-pitched laughs?
  • Future bullets mess people up.

  • At what point in the future do we give up on HD and go back to VHS?

You thought it was dead, but like Murphy himself, it'll be back

  • I’d buy this movie for a dollar. (Actually I paid 5)
  • HAHA! He called him Dick, which is his name, but also what he is.
  • Eighties fashion makes quite the comeback in the future.

The future is shit, but our outfits are awesome!

  • Eye-patch and glasses, so badass.
  • Apparentally the main crime in Old Detroit is hold-ups, who would own a shop in this place?
  • It always seemed weird to me that Robocop just drives an ordinary car. Shouldn’t he have a Robocar?

Well, it's no Delorean.

  • In the future, all bars are topless bars.
  • BITCHES LEAVE! Bye Bobby. See you later Bobby. They have guns, GTFO!
  • Guns hidden under the drugs? Is the punishment worse for guns?
  • In the future, GPS looks like Atari.

Cutting edge future technology.

  • Directive 4, Robokryptonite.

The power is... yours...

  • Wait, he keeps his uncontrollable weapon next to his office, even after it massacred that guy? Dick has balls.
  • Stairs, Super-Robokryptonite
  • They didn’t let him keep his arms, but they let him keep his winning smile?

  • What’s the point of a diversion if you then yell “LOOKING FOR ME!” ?
  • Stabbed him with future USB!

Hope you enjoyed my random ranting, let me know what movie you would like to analyse in fine detail (and by that I mean watch and write whatever comes to my head, followed by a google image search)