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Updates – 28/12/2011

Batman hiding his red jocks

Hey everyone, hope you all had a great Christmas (or Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, birthday, Festivus, Mormons Day, Tintin release). This post isn’t really about anything, just letting you know about some of the new stuff on the site.

First there are several new additions to the side bar. You can now easily become a fan on Facebook, and if you would like to you can also sign up for email notifications when I make new posts. This makes it easier for none WordPress and Facebook friends to follow me (you can also Subscribe to Brendan Crates on Facebook as I always post new updates). I have also added a donations button. Not that I expect you guys to part with your hard earned cash, but if you are a rich reader, feel free to help me out. I guarantee any donations will go towards making the blog better.

As the site has gotten bigger, and become more than just comics, it has also become a little harder to navigate, so there are a couple of new features I hope will help. I have added a search bar, which will hopefully make it easier to find a specific post (let me know if it works ok). I also have added several categories links which might narrow down your search. As things get bigger I will try to add more direct links too.

On the subject of upcoming content, I have a reasonable amount planned. As mentioned several times I have shot the second Scare Dares video. The problem is I have graduated and no longer have access to the editing suite at school (the second episode isn’t just a webcam recording). I am saving for my own Macbook Pro, and hope to have it soon, but outside that I can’t tell you when (feel free to donate to the cause). On the plus side, expect a lot more original video content when I do get it.

You may have noticed the BFFs comics slowed down a bit for a while. That’s because I had a massive amount pre-done (around 20 or more) a few months back, but they have recently run dry. Over the last couple of weeks it has started moving again, I have just finished 5 new ones (plus the Christmas special) and will try to keep it a bit more regular. Unfortunately, I have to pay the bills and have a life, and they are pretty time-consuming to do, so there will be dead patches. HANG IN THERE and check out this promo.

This will be a good starting point if you maybe only recently discovered the comic and don’t wanna reread the old ones. However, Season 1 is easy to read and navigate so if you have an hour to burn check it out. It takes a while to get going (the early ones look a little off) but I really think you will enjoy it.

That’s about it, I’ll keep trying to do some new reviews and things too (I just saw Tintin and all you need to know is it rocks) and if there is anything you would like me to write about let me know. Also check out the other great sites like Launceston Paranormal (a paranormal group I’m involved with) Warrior Fitness (If you need a personal trainer in the Launceston area, try my bro here) Jackass Express (friends podcast) and more in our social section.

Oh yeah, here is a piece of Midnight Detective concept art Nick did a while ago, don’t remember if I posted it. Works been slow on this project over Christmas but hopefully we can get stuck into it soon. Stay cool everyone!

Introducing High Noon


Updates and BFFs ep23: There Will Be Blood…

Hey everyone, sorry I’ve been gone a while. Have been a bit busy with Ghost Hunting, Halloween prep, filming a new Scare Dare (we have finished it, just need to edit and upload when I get a chance)  and of course work and school. BFFs has also been MIA so here’s the new episode. It is a result of the should I kill Narpy poll I had a couple of months ago. The next 2 sagas of BFFs are finished so will try to release them more regularly again. But for now here’s the (violent) new episode of BFFs.