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Scare Dare

#hbfilmfest Playing Possum

Me and my brother Jared Crates made this film for the Horror Block/Rue Morgue film festival. We would really appreciate it if you could vote for us (We are the only Australian entry!). We would really love to represent Tasmania among a mostly American lineup.

You don’t even have to watch it (but we’d love if you did) You can vote by liking the video on Youtube, to do this you can either move your mouse to the top of the video and press the “thumbs up”. If this doesn’t work then you can click the word Youtube which will take you to the video. You’ll then find the “thumbs up” at the bottom of the screen.

A bit of info on the movie. We made the whole thing in a couple of weeks when we had free time (we both work full time). The whole thing was filmed on a GoPro in the Mowbray area. There is a substantial amount of real wildlife in the film and it was a lot of headaches getting them to act how we needed them too. Only a few of these shots are actually in the film but we have literally hours of footage to get them. By the end we could attract wildlife and get it pretty relaxed with us but it took a lot of trial and error. There was also the obvious issues associated with filming in the bush in the dark of night. If you have any questions about how we did anything we would love to answer them for you.
Thanks, Brendan Crates


Scare Dare 3

It’s finally here! Episode 3 of Scare Dares. Hope you enjoy it!

Scare Dare Episode 3 from Brendan Crates on Vimeo.



Scare Dare 2: Scary Korean Comic

Gonna say this right up front, if you are thinking of reading the comic


You can read it right here.

Todays Scare Dare is a quicky to keep you going on the long wait for “The Dare” video. It’s a much bigger video with multiple camera’s and is taking me a while to get it ready. Feel free to Donate on the right, and help me get a better computer faster. For now here is one loads of people have asked me for (Jordan, a.r. and Gaza for example). Thanks to a guy called “Wonderbread” I now have an English link. I don’t know who originally did it (let me know so I can give credit) but it is a creepy comic from Korea (that’s what I’m told anyway). Feel free to read along with me right here.

Hope you enjoyed. Keep the ideas rolling in, especially quick ones like this because I can get them to you quick. If it’s a website please send a link too.

Stay scared guys!






Brendan’s Scare Dares: Episode 1 – Thirteen Horror

Most of you who know me, know I’m a big fan of horror and being scared. However, after years of watching horror, ghost tours, paranormal investigations and things of this nature, I’m a little desensitized to it. This is why I have created my new Scare Dare web videos. The idea is I track down the scariest dares, urban legends etc. and give them a try. Future episodes will have a little better production values, this one’s a bit of a test which I’m sharing with you guys.

This time I did the 13 Horror short story, it’s supposedly terrifying, it’s been banned in Italy, and I gave it a shot.

Warning: If you think you will ever want to try it, skip to the end and see what I think. Watching this will definitely take away some of the fear. Alternatively follow along with me, and watch the video in a dark room by yourself and follow the instructions.

Just so you know, I have been in the dark room with the door open since I (we) finished. I have heard quite a few creepy noises, a woman outside screamed, and it is very dark and still very creepy.



But now on to future Scare Dares. Here are some I’m planning, please suggest more in the comments.

  • 13 Horror volume 2 has one of these stories for groups, so I’m looking for some volunteers to help me.
  • Bloody Mary: Try out the famous legend and say her name 3 times in the mirror.
  • Devil’s Crossroad: Visit crossroads at midnight, and potentially meet the devil.
  • Super Seance: Have a séance and break all the safety rules (eg. don’t cover mirrors, go somewhere potentially haunted)
  • Watch some of the scariest (reportedly) movies at midnight, by myself, in the dark, and film some of my reactions. I’m thinking Human Centipede and Serbian Movie (neither of which I have seen yet)
  • Spend some time in the new improved solitary cell at Port Arthur. (Possibly the most haunted place in Tasmania)

Please suggest more!

But now I have to go outside and pick up Sally, in the dark, by myself. Wish me luck!


This post has been extremely popular, thanks for the support. However please don’t ask me to post the story “The Magic”. I won’t be doing it! Also please don’t post links to illegally download the story or I will be forced to remove them. You can buy “The Magic” (and a punch of other horror classics) for Kindle on Amazon for only $2.99, and there is also a book version available. Check out the Thirteen Horror page here to buy your copy. Just follow the links. You can also buy the second book which features “The Dare” which I plan to try soon. Thanks again guys!