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New Spider-Man Preview

Cannot wait!

What do you think, let me know below!


Are new cartoons really worse than what we used to watch?

It’s something you often hear thrown around in geek circles. New cartoons are so crap, they talk down to kids, they’re too goofy, the animation is bad. However, if we take off our nostalgia goggles is this really the case. My analysis below…

WARNING! If you don’t want some childhood memories shaken, read no further.

First we have “Batman:TAS”. Widely regarded as one of the best animated shows ever, it is routinely brought up as a bile spewing fanboy rants about how goofy “The Brave and the Bold” is. Now don’t get me wrong, I love “Batman: TAS”, but it wasn’t always perfect. It had it’s fair share of very goofy shit. Like this…

The animation in the last two Spider-Man series has been put down. Take a look at the “classic” 90’s series though.

Compared to the modern shows, this really is not good. As fanboys we routinely put down todays cartoons. Ben 10 sucks, screw Young Justice. At the same time we call the following cartoons pinnacles in classic TV. Yes, this…

and this…

and finally this.

I died a little inside when I watched that last one.

Now guys, next time you feel like complaining and being a cynical asshole, take another look.

Deadliest Warriors: Superman VS Hulk

The very clever Youtuber Michael Habjan has created this great series. It’s not quite finished but what is there so far is incredible.

Just hoping his next one might bring in Spidey.

What I missed while I’ve been gone

You may have noticed an extreme lack of updates over the last month or so. There is a pretty good reason for this, we moved, and only just got our internet connected today. I’ll be trying to catch up with a few things over the next few weeks, but until then, here’s some great videos you no doubt already have seen, but I have only just got a chance to show.

They showed this new Avengers teaser during the Super Bowl (apparently something culturally significant in the USA). It has officially more Hulk.

It’s no secret I have a spider-obsession. This new trailer is just backing up what I keep saying, this is gonna be awesome.

Max Landis is shaping up to be just as awesome as his dad (make sure you go see Chronicle). This hilarious explanation of the Death of Superman saga is well worth a look.

Thanks for hanging around guys, will try to add more soon.

My Top Ten Most Anticipated Movies of 2012

I just saw Tintin, and it was incredible. If you love the comics, or just a good adventure you should go see it right now!

Still there? After seeing it I realised it’s probably the last movie I’ll see this year and inevitably my mind moved on to the upcoming movies of 2012. Then I made a list because I like doing that, then I posted it here because I love you guys. Check it out, and make sure to disagree with me in the comments at the bottom.

No trailer, no pictures, no synopsis, not even a firm release date (You can get bet it will be pretty close to Halloween though) and I am still prepared to call this my number 10. The 3rd movie was the best yet, it’s one of the most consistent horror series ever, and you can bet it will make about a zillion bucks. I will be there day one!

WHAT? Are you on crack? The sequel to (the abominable, terrible, horrible mess of a movie) Ghost Rider. That’s what I would have said if someone had told me I would be ranking this number 9. Then I saw this…

It quite possibly will still be terrible, but that was one hell of a trailer.

You may be thinking, that came out months ago. If you are thinking that, you don’t live in Australia. It will be out in just over 2 weeks though, and I am very excited! The Muppets big comeback is right around the corner.

I can almost hear the angry bile building up in Batman fanboys everywhere as I write. Yes indeed, this movie will most likely be amazing. However, it’s a big year for movies and this being the 3rd in a series my anticipation is not quite as high as it might be. Come on guys, 7 isn’t so bad really.

What is this you ask? I think it’s gonna be the surprise hit of the year.

If you don’t know what this is, go to your local bookstore and ask for a copy. It’s the best new fantasy series in a long time. This ain’t an elves prancing about picking flowers movie though. This is America’s Battle Royale!

A new entry in the American Pie series (a proper one, not some Beta House bollocks) is coming, and it looks glorious. No doubt they will rename it American Pie: The Reunion here though because apparently all Australian’s are morons. I couldn’t decide which trailer to post so I posted both, take your pick or enjoy two slices.

It’s nearly a year away till we will return to Middle Earth (unless you live in New Zealand) but I’m already shining up my precious. (What does that even mean?) In my mind Peter Jackson can do no wrong, and I was thrilled to hear he was doing this. They just released the (incredible) first trailer and my expectations are sky-high.

The ultimate team up movie. Understand this has never happened before, the closest we have come was Alien VS Predator or Freddy VS Jason. They have been building this universe over 5 movies (Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America) and we are soon going to see the payoff. Marvel are trying something new and I applaud them for it. This is what all comic fans want to see.

Damn, forgot how awesome that trailer was. Now, without further ado…

There are a lot of people on message boards talking a lot of shit about this movie. Guess what boys, prepare to look like idiots when this comes out! Great actors, great director, great suit (yeah, I said it) and a great villain. I make no secret of my Spidey love, and


So there you have it. Like I said before, it’s gonna be a great year for movies and they didn’t all quite make it. There is all the Christmas holiday movies (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Hugo, Sherlock Holmes all look good), Cabin in the woods is finally coming out, the trailer for Prometheus looks awesome (I am not the biggest Alien fan but it still very nearly made the list), Sacha Baron Cohen is back with The Dictator, Expendables 2 (I wasn’t as impressed by the first as I’d hoped, please be less CG and more pyros), Jack the Giant Killer and possibly a new Wolverine (if they ever work out who’s directing it and where). Man of Steel would have made it had it not been pushed back. I even hope for a return to form for Scary Movie 5 (The first one wasn’t bad) with the sheer wealth of horror it has had to send up in the past few years.

Make sure you tell me how wrong I got it in the comments, and feel free to post your own list so I can do the same.

Lord of the Rings Memories

I don’t really remember the first release, 10 years ago, it just didn’t seem like a big deal in my small town of Penguin Tasmania. I was more stoked for the Spider-Man trailer (I went to see the movie The One just to see it). Me and a mate saw Lord of the Rings to kill some time, not even really knowing what it was about (I had no idea it was to do with the Hobbit) and came out blown away. I took my younger brothers to see it the next day.

The next year I went to the boxing day release with my brothers, it was definitely a bigger affair, but our pre-ordered tickets seemed a little like overkill. Another great film though.

The year of the third was a different beast, I had come back from uni for Christmas, and we hadn’t planned to see it. We rocked up at the cinema in the hopes of getting some tickets, and the crowd was insane (bearing in mind we live in Tasmania, it was a lot ok). When the crowds were let in, we saw that we had no chance of getting a ticket, everyone just went straight past the ticket sales. We lined up behind some people buying popcorn (don’t know why, the movie was still an hour away) and 3 ladies my mum’s age. Suddenly, we were called over to a second lane where the manager was serving.

We asked if there were any tickets left.

He looked at us seriously, “How many do you need?”

“3”, we replied, a little hope back in our voices.

He paused…

You wantss my preciousss ticketsss?


We literally high-fived (the only time ever), the ladies who had previously been in front of us scowled and walked out. We went inside and watched one of the greatest films ever made. Next year, I hope to take my brothers to see “The Hobbit”, but this year, I hope Tintin will be the boxing day release I need!

Now, strangely enough, the new Spider-Man poster is out today, so I’ll leave you with this!

Click the pic for more info.

Top 13 Horror Marathon…

Halloween is fast approaching, so I thought I would put together a Halloween horror movie list. Whether you have seen them all a thousand times, or never seen any, you should make an effort to watch at least one of these movies this month.

Halloween (The Original)

The original Halloween has to make the list. One, it’s called Halloween so is pretty much there by default, but it’s also so much more. This defined the slasher genre, created a legendary series, put John Carpenter on the map and made the horrific face of William Shatner haunt children’s dreams. The Rob Zombie remake is OK, but do yourself a favour and watch the original, and still one of the best.

Trick ‘r Treat

This is a fairly unknown and underrated gem. Again it’s set around the Halloween season, almost guaranteeing it a spot, but there are several other important reasons it’s on this list. It’s an anthology movie (meaning it’s actually several short stories) that flow extremely well. It has a great new horror mascot (Sam, so cute, so scary), has great cameo’s (come see True Blood’s Anna Paquin gives the vampires a miss for a while) and has a perfect mix of black humour and horror.

Dog Soldiers

Don’t like horror, but enjoy Saving Private Ryan? This might be the movie for you. Scottish soldiers on a training mission are attacked by werewolves, and make their last stand in a cabin in the woods. This is fulfilling both the werewolf and the haunted cabin (Evil Dead, Cabin Fever, Cabin in the Woods, yes it is a genre) genres, but really it’s a good old-fashioned soldier movie. Neil Marshall’s other films are also recommended.

Shaun Of The Dead

It’s zombies, it’s funny, it’s British, it’s Simon Pegg. Haven’t watched it yet? DO IT!

The Lost Boys

Needed a vampire movie, but which one? 30 Days of Night was pretty close, but this is one of the first vampire movies I saw, stars Jack Bauer, features the (amazing) Corey Feldman, has a kickass soundtrack, while also featuring the greatest mullet (?) in movie (the world) history. Equal parts funny and creepy, this is a great horror for the none horror fan. It’s worth it just to look at this guy…

…and this guy.

The Ring (American)

For the remake that is actually better than the original category I present this gem. Better acting, effects and a tidier storyline make this a top little film that exceeds the original Japanese effort (it was bound to happen at least once). The premise, a videotape, that if watched, sentences you to one last week of life. The creepiest ending in almost any film.

Battle Royale

To my knowledge, this film is yet to be ruined by Americans, so you will need to deal with some subtitles. But oh is it worth it! After a slow and weird (teacher’s being stabbed in the bum weird) opening, an extremely tense thriller begins. A class full of the worst students in Japan (they were averaging Asian F’s) are put on an island and told to kill each other. Last one standing goes home. That’s all you’re getting from me, bite the bullet and watch it. But don’t bother with the sequel, it’s horrible.

Idle Hands

Originally the list had the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre in this spot. Then I thought of Seth Green’s Leatherface impression and quickly swapped this one in. It’s hilarious, gory, Seth Greeny, features The Offspring and demon possessed hands, and takes place over Halloween. Sorry Leatherface… 

Paranormal Activity

Some say it’s not scary. They have obviously never seen this film in a dark cinema in Taiwan. The screeching young Taiwanese woman next us definitely knocked it up a notch. But this is an important movie, it’s fulfilling the Haunted House genre and narrowly knocking out Blair Witch in the found footage genre. Plus it’s spooky, well crafted and perfect for a late night with a lady. Plus number 3 will be released for Halloween.

Freddy VS Jason

Do I even need to explain this one? The 2 biggest horror icons face, in an action packed, hilarious, bloody movie. Also fulfill’s the important monster mashup criteria. Not since Frankenstein met a Wolfman has a team-up this epic occurred. Check it out in 30 seconds and with bunnies below.

Wolf Creek

This movie makes it for 2 reasons. The first reason is, I’m Australian, and the sheer lack of Australianness in this list got me down a bit. Also, it’s representing the torture porn genre. Great film, featuring a creepy “Better Homes and Garden” guy. Just don’t be watching this movie right before a roadtrip in the outback, or just might not go!

Pet Semetary 2

Now I know what you’re thinking, why is this on the list? Well we needed a trashy sequel, it certainly fills that requirement. It also features a scene where a step-dad cuts off a kids head with a motorbike wheel, filling the important (and rare) evil step-parents killing kids requirement. But the main reason it makes it is because this is one of the first horror movies I saw and it really got me into the genre in general. 

Wicker Man (Nic Cage edition)

Terrible or terribly awesome? Either way it’s Nic Cage punching out farm women.

There you have it, the most final countdown since The Final Countdown. Agree, disagree? Let me know?

Why I need a 3D TV…

The first screening of Avatar was a hoot and a holler.

I, unlike many film fans, love 3D. Not for everything mind you, but when 3D is used effectively it can be amazing. Jackass 3D, My Bloody Valentine and even Glee: Concert Experience were designed for 3D and better for it. I am really looking forward to Spider-Man and the Hobbit, both designed and shot with 3D in mind. Somehow though, when buying a new TV, I convinced myself I didn’t need a 3D one. I told myself the glasses are too expensive,  and I see any 3D movie I’m vaguely interested in at the cinema anyway. But then I found out about the 3D craze in Japan, and several movies that will likely never see a cinema release here (probably not Australia, and definately not Tasmania). So here’s my list of why I will eventually invest in my very own 3D TV.

Rabbit Horror 3D

Yeah, I know, it’s called “Tormented” in English now, but the original translated(?) title is too good to resist. This movie is about a boy known as the “Rabbit Killer” (he killed his sick pet at school?) who is sucked into another dimension. His sister must travel through the looking-glass (which looks a lot like an abandoned house) and save him from the evil rabbit (that seems to be Sadako in disguise). This is just the kind of wacked out, messed up, crazy awesome movie Japan does so well, and which will never, ever be released at a cinema in Launceston, Tasmania (damn you Village, you’re just lucky you guys are releasing “The Inbetweeners” movie). Guess I’ll wait for the inevitable American remake where Ashton Kutcher runs away from a duck dressed like Katherine Heigl.

Sadako 3D

Fact, “The Ring” is the second best Japanese movie ever (Battle Royale narrowly beats it out). The American remake is great too. The sequels range from good to ok to terrible (any movie with mind melding is an instant rate down, it sucked in Exorcist 3, just stop doing it). However this sequel is sounding pretty good. Back to basics and not too complicated, it follows a teacher who hears about an online video. This video claims to show a girl committing suicide, and anyone who watches it will follow suit. Familiar? Heck yes! Awesome? Most likely! Worth a cinema ticket? Oh yeah, just to see her come out the screen INTO THE CINEMA!

Pants will be crapped.

The Shock Labyrinth 3D

This movie is based on the incredible Haunted House attraction at the Fuji-Q Highland theme park in Japan. I’ve been there, it’s terrifying, and I would recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity to go.  Essentially this is kind of a Japanese Pirates of the Carribean, only with less pirates, and more haunted hospitals (and rabbits, what’s the go with all the rabbits?). Actually, I have heard the movie’s pretty terrible, but I should be able to waste my money if I want.

So there you have it, 3 crazy reasons to own a 3D TV. If you factor in the PS3’s adoption of 3D, straight to DVD (at least in Tasmania) fare like Shark Night 3D, and the chance to see Asia’s first 3D porn “3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstay” (it’s intriguing OK!) 3D TV seems like a must buy.

Damn you “Past Brendan”, damn you…

New Spider-Man Trailer? What does this fanatic think?

It’s a great time to be a Brendan! New Blink 182, new Batman Trailer, and now a new Spider-Man trailer (and also a leaked Avengers trailer but I am holding off on watching until after I watch Captain America).

San Diego Comic-con is just getting started, but we already have the new Spidey trailer. I caught it on Sunrise this morning at work, but thanks to the annoying Fifi Box (FYI Fifi, it’s me and most of Australia’s first time seeing the trailer, feel free to not talk all over the top of it), I just had to watch it again when I got home.

So what do you think? Personally I think it looks pretty freaking bitchin. We don’t see a lot of Spidey (on account of this movie is still a year away, they have to save something for later), but we do see quite a bit of origin. For anyone that hasn’t realised, this is a reboot of the Spidey series (hence another origin story), with new young actors, and a cool new young director (Marc Webb, watch 500 Days of Summer if you haven’t, cool film, also he has last name Webb, haha). As much as I liked the original movies (Yes, number 3 included, I even like dancing Peter) I’m keen to see what some new blood can bring to the table.

It also appears Peter’s parents are a much bigger part of the story, and it will be interesting to see what they bring to the table. I expect his Dad to especially play a big role (without necessarily appearing very much).

As for Spidey, as I said we don’t see much. We glimpse his new costume, but here’s a better look.

I’m liking it, it’s different enough you know you are watching a new Spider-Man, but it’s still pretty much the classic look (some fans hate the blue fingers, it seems a bit nitpicky to me). The big difference you can see is he has web shooters on his gloves (you also get a pretty good look in the trailer). If you only know Spidey from the movies, it may surprise you, but Peter can not make his own webs in the comics (apart from that short time where he could). So in this regard it’s following the comics pretty closely.

The other big difference is no Mary Jane. Instead we have Gwen Stacey, Peters first love. Again this is basically the same as the comics. She is played by Emma Stone (if you like teen movies, check her out in Easy A, it’s great), and looks just like she did in the comic. Peter looks a little cooler (played by Andrew Garfield, who was tops in The Social Network), but the big hair is actually in line with the Ultimate version of Peter Parker, who often has other characters comment on his unmanageable hair. (The Ultimate universe is a reboot of Marvel comics characters, with a younger cooler vibe. In much the same way, this movie is doing the same).

Overall very excited, and keen to see what next exciting geeky thing San Diego Comic-Con can get me worked up about.

Also, in case you somehow have missed it (seriously, it has been reposted a gazillion times on Facebook, I won’t be surprised when Grandma posts it), here’s the new Batman trailer too.

It’s gonna be a long wait till next year, and the new Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, Wolverine, Avengers movies, but there is still some cool things coming up to keep us going. Keep an eye out for Captain America next week, Green Lantern next month (2 months after every one else), Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes after that (ridiculous name, but looks very cool.) and the mighty Tintin around  Christmas (OMG OMG OMG, so very, very cool).Oh and the Muppets, sometime (I hear we may be waiting for that one too).

Let me know what you think, and comment below (you can even use your Facebook account)

In Blackest Night

I got up this morning to look up the showtimes for Green Lantern at Village, Launceston. Strangely, they weren’t showing it. I was a little annoyed, but this sort of thing isn’t that uncommon in our crappy local cinema, so I looked up the Metro times. Not showing. Hmmm. Maybe it’s a week late in Australia, so I look up the release date for Australia. Oh it’s just not on till August…


Can it be true, does the Green Lantern hate Australians?

Yes, that’s right. Our release is almost 2 months after the rest of the world. Hell, New Zealand got it today, what makes them so special?

I did some digging and it’s apparently because they want to maximise the amount of 3D screens available (there are too many 3D movies on right now?), because Australians are drawn more to 3D movies than the rest of the world. Considerably more. So much more that they are risking everyone just pirating this movie, or not going because of reviews in the rest of the world might not be good.

Personally, I always like to try to see movies in the cinema, and don’t download them where possible. However, I have a big TV and inevitably a Blu-Ray rip will appear online. For once, I will be really considering downloading it. In this internet age it’s hard enough to avoid finding out spoilers, without having to do it for 2 extra months after the rest of the world saw it.

Would you really rather wait 2 months for a movie, than possibly not be able to see it in 3D? Let me know in the comments!

Yep, this is what Green Lantern thinks of us.