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Hey guys, finally getting my room sorted out and thought you may be interested.

Hall of the Spider-Men

So in case you haven’t worked it out yet I am a huge Spider-Man fan. This is a large portion of the Spidey stuff I have.

My new favourite figure, “First Appearance” Spidey

Scarlet Spider. Took so damn long to get this figure, and now his brother is also on the way.

It’s not just Spidey stuff…

Or even Marvel stuff…

Or even comic stuff!

My love of the paranormal even makes an appearance.

Hope you enjoyed that little look. Am currently adding quite a few Spidey figures so will show more if people are interested.


One response

  1. Cool collection Bren. First appearance Spidey has so much webbing it looks like his parents were first cousins! I’m only jealous – keep me posted! Ron

    February 1, 2013 at 7:52 pm

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