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Are new cartoons really worse than what we used to watch?

It’s something you often hear thrown around in geek circles. New cartoons are so crap, they talk down to kids, they’re too goofy, the animation is bad. However, if we take off our nostalgia goggles is this really the case. My analysis below…

WARNING! If you don’t want some childhood memories shaken, read no further.

First we have “Batman:TAS”. Widely regarded as one of the best animated shows ever, it is routinely brought up as a bile spewing fanboy rants about how goofy “The Brave and the Bold” is. Now don’t get me wrong, I love “Batman: TAS”, but it wasn’t always perfect. It had it’s fair share of very goofy shit. Like this…

The animation in the last two Spider-Man series has been put down. Take a look at the “classic” 90’s series though.

Compared to the modern shows, this really is not good. As fanboys we routinely put down todays cartoons. Ben 10 sucks, screw Young Justice. At the same time we call the following cartoons pinnacles in classic TV. Yes, this…

and this…

and finally this.

I died a little inside when I watched that last one.

Now guys, next time you feel like complaining and being a cynical asshole, take another look.


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