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What I missed while I’ve been gone

You may have noticed an extreme lack of updates over the last month or so. There is a pretty good reason for this, we moved, and only just got our internet connected today. I’ll be trying to catch up with a few things over the next few weeks, but until then, here’s some great videos you no doubt already have seen, but I have only just got a chance to show.

They showed this new Avengers teaser during the Super Bowl (apparently something culturally significant in the USA). It has officially more Hulk.

It’s no secret I have a spider-obsession. This new trailer is just backing up what I keep saying, this is gonna be awesome.

Max Landis is shaping up to be just as awesome as his dad (make sure you go see Chronicle). This hilarious explanation of the Death of Superman saga is well worth a look.

Thanks for hanging around guys, will try to add more soon.


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