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Best Practical Jokes…

Me and my friends have always been into practical jokes. Who can forget the interrupted Warcraft game that turned into a car covered in stickers…

…the ritual interrupted by a telephone salesman…

…or even more recently the real life werewolf man who just couldn’t get a lift.

But most of the time the best adventures go unfilmed. A zombie chasing Domino’s employees round the store will only be remembered by the lucky few who saw it. However lately I hae been watching quite a few practical jokers on YouTube who are much more dedicated to capturing these pranks, and I thought I would share a few of my favourites.

Alki Stevens

Alki is a prankster whose videos cover a lot of types. Most famous though are his variations on Cone-Ing, Old Man pranks and excellent understated “Bored at Work” Prank Calls. Check out this great example…

Nikki & John Pranks

Nikki and John are a couple who constantly prank each other. The sheer amount and some of the ferocity of the pranks are enough reason for these guys to make the cut. Occasionally (I think) they set up the odd thing, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that most of it is pretty damn hilarious. Hell, she glued his hair to his hat with super glue. Check some out…

The Japanese

While not a prank group as a such, The Japanese are some of the most hardcore pranksters the world has ever seen. Watch this, it is insane… 

The Dudesons

Hailing from Finland these guys are some of the best out there. Just watch it already…

CKY Crew

Whether it was CKY, Jackass or Viva La Bam, these guys were responsible for some of the greatest pranks of all time. This one for example…

All this is kind of inspiring me to dust off the old Friendly Young Men crew and get out and film some more pranks. Look out friends and family, here we come.


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