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My Top Ten Most Anticipated Movies of 2012

I just saw Tintin, and it was incredible. If you love the comics, or just a good adventure you should go see it right now!

Still there? After seeing it I realised it’s probably the last movie I’ll see this year and inevitably my mind moved on to the upcoming movies of 2012. Then I made a list because I like doing that, then I posted it here because I love you guys. Check it out, and make sure to disagree with me in the comments at the bottom.

No trailer, no pictures, no synopsis, not even a firm release date (You can get bet it will be pretty close to Halloween though) and I am still prepared to call this my number 10. The 3rd movie was the best yet, it’s one of the most consistent horror series ever, and you can bet it will make about a zillion bucks. I will be there day one!

WHAT? Are you on crack? The sequel to (the abominable, terrible, horrible mess of a movie) Ghost Rider. That’s what I would have said if someone had told me I would be ranking this number 9. Then I saw this…

It quite possibly will still be terrible, but that was one hell of a trailer.

You may be thinking, that came out months ago. If you are thinking that, you don’t live in Australia. It will be out in just over 2 weeks though, and I am very excited! The Muppets big comeback is right around the corner.

I can almost hear the angry bile building up in Batman fanboys everywhere as I write. Yes indeed, this movie will most likely be amazing. However, it’s a big year for movies and this being the 3rd in a series my anticipation is not quite as high as it might be. Come on guys, 7 isn’t so bad really.

What is this you ask? I think it’s gonna be the surprise hit of the year.

If you don’t know what this is, go to your local bookstore and ask for a copy. It’s the best new fantasy series in a long time. This ain’t an elves prancing about picking flowers movie though. This is America’s Battle Royale!

A new entry in the American Pie series (a proper one, not some Beta House bollocks) is coming, and it looks glorious. No doubt they will rename it American Pie: The Reunion here though because apparently all Australian’s are morons. I couldn’t decide which trailer to post so I posted both, take your pick or enjoy two slices.

It’s nearly a year away till we will return to Middle Earth (unless you live in New Zealand) but I’m already shining up my precious. (What does that even mean?) In my mind Peter Jackson can do no wrong, and I was thrilled to hear he was doing this. They just released the (incredible) first trailer and my expectations are sky-high.

The ultimate team up movie. Understand this has never happened before, the closest we have come was Alien VS Predator or Freddy VS Jason. They have been building this universe over 5 movies (Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America) and we are soon going to see the payoff. Marvel are trying something new and I applaud them for it. This is what all comic fans want to see.

Damn, forgot how awesome that trailer was. Now, without further ado…

There are a lot of people on message boards talking a lot of shit about this movie. Guess what boys, prepare to look like idiots when this comes out! Great actors, great director, great suit (yeah, I said it) and a great villain. I make no secret of my Spidey love, and


So there you have it. Like I said before, it’s gonna be a great year for movies and they didn’t all quite make it. There is all the Christmas holiday movies (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Hugo, Sherlock Holmes all look good), Cabin in the woods is finally coming out, the trailer for Prometheus looks awesome (I am not the biggest Alien fan but it still very nearly made the list), Sacha Baron Cohen is back with The Dictator, Expendables 2 (I wasn’t as impressed by the first as I’d hoped, please be less CG and more pyros), Jack the Giant Killer and possibly a new Wolverine (if they ever work out who’s directing it and where). Man of Steel would have made it had it not been pushed back. I even hope for a return to form for Scary Movie 5 (The first one wasn’t bad) with the sheer wealth of horror it has had to send up in the past few years.

Make sure you tell me how wrong I got it in the comments, and feel free to post your own list so I can do the same.


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