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Lord of the Rings Memories

I don’t really remember the first release, 10 years ago, it just didn’t seem like a big deal in my small town of Penguin Tasmania. I was more stoked for the Spider-Man trailer (I went to see the movie The One just to see it). Me and a mate saw Lord of the Rings to kill some time, not even really knowing what it was about (I had no idea it was to do with the Hobbit) and came out blown away. I took my younger brothers to see it the next day.

The next year I went to the boxing day release with my brothers, it was definitely a bigger affair, but our pre-ordered tickets seemed a little like overkill. Another great film though.

The year of the third was a different beast, I had come back from uni for Christmas, and we hadn’t planned to see it. We rocked up at the cinema in the hopes of getting some tickets, and the crowd was insane (bearing in mind we live in Tasmania, it was a lot ok). When the crowds were let in, we saw that we had no chance of getting a ticket, everyone just went straight past the ticket sales. We lined up behind some people buying popcorn (don’t know why, the movie was still an hour away) and 3 ladies my mum’s age. Suddenly, we were called over to a second lane where the manager was serving.

We asked if there were any tickets left.

He looked at us seriously, “How many do you need?”

“3”, we replied, a little hope back in our voices.

He paused…

You wantss my preciousss ticketsss?


We literally high-fived (the only time ever), the ladies who had previously been in front of us scowled and walked out. We went inside and watched one of the greatest films ever made. Next year, I hope to take my brothers to see “The Hobbit”, but this year, I hope Tintin will be the boxing day release I need!

Now, strangely enough, the new Spider-Man poster is out today, so I’ll leave you with this!

Click the pic for more info.


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