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How Sonic got his groove back.

First off, apologies to all for the lack of new comics, videos, and articles lately. There are many factors to blame (not just laziness). School has been finishing, I’ve been spending time with my wife before she goes home for Christmas, I had my busiest week of work in some time (I did get to work for Australia’s Got Talent though), Arkham City came out, and then Skyrim came out. However we have filmed a great new Scare Dares ep, featuring 13 Horror 2: The Dare. Unfortunately no school means no Final Cut Pro. I hope to get my own Macbook very soon though (donations welcome, Apple is exxxpensive), and may try to get a version done in Premier (if I can finish without smashing my laptop). Until then though I’ll try and focus on more articles and comics (I actually haven’t written any for sometime and my stockpile is quickly running out, need to get stuck back in). Now onto the main event…

Videogame anniversaries have been popping up a lot lately. Mario turned 25 last year, Donkey Kong turned the big 30, Zelda’s 25, Pokemon turned 15 and even Halo is 10 years old (who feels old now?) Some of these anniversaries have been big events, they released that Mario collection on Wii, there is a new Zelda out soon (now?). Some like Frogger just quietly snuck by. But one gaming icon has a new game that celebrates his past, present and gets itself into a great position for a solid. Sonic has turned 20, and after some difficult teen years he is back on track.

Sonic Generations is the new game, and he doesn’t have a sword, magic powers, lycanthropy, heat vision or a human girlfriend. He does have a new friend though (stop groaning, it’s not another member of Cream’s family), it’s a young version of himself. That’s right, he took a lesson from Mickey Mouse (who’s looking more and more retro these days) and reintroduced his younger, pudgier, mute adolescent self. However the green eyed, wise cracking Sonic is still hanging around too.

What this means for the game is two styles of gameplay. We have Classic Sonic, who runs a little slower, mostly sticks to the second dimension, collects power up shields, spins in balls a lot and just looks damn cute doing it. Then you have Modern Sonic who’s more in your face, breaks in and out of 2d and 3d gameplay, and has boosts and homing attacks. Importantly though, they both feel like Sonic and not just some tacked on crap.

Remember this gem?

The levels will tickle the fancy of any Sonic fan, young and old. They are all throwbacks to classic levels, from Green Hill back in the Sonic 1 days (oh my Master System memories) to some of the crazed Sonic Adventures levels (The truck one? It’s here.) and I have even spotted one from that Magic Rings game (it’s much better now). They are all re-imagined with both a classic and modern version for each too.

The music is spectacular. You can enjoy classics, re-mixes, and even choose your own (Sonic Boooommm…). Hell, even the menu music is that beautiful original theme. There’s also stacks of unlockables (including Sonic 1 on Mega-Drive) and Challenge Modes that significantly change each level. It’s a nostalgia fest for the heart and soul of young Segalings (who maybe aren’t so young anymore). Ironically though, this retro game is probably his most modern feeling game in years. Happy Birthday Sonic, here’s to 20 more!


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