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Halloween Is Over…

…but I’m not willing to let go just yet. So instead, lets take a look back at my costumes from the past few years (Unfortunately I don’t have photo’s from when I was a kid, but I’ll ask my mum). We will go from oldest, to this past Halloween.

Bogans can be zombies too.

This zombie wasn’t actually for Halloween, buta zombie party we had. It’s a pretty basic costume, but I think it looks quite effective. The shirt came from a trip around Japan with mates, the hat came from an Op-Shop. The skin colour is just a thin layer of clown makeup (makes you look paler) and the blood is the worlds simplest blood recipe (1 container golden syrup, 1 tablespoon red food colouring, 1 teaspoon yellow colouring, water down to your taste). It’s sticky, but you can eat it! Funnily enough the t-shirt returned in a Zombie short I made with my brother.

Mad Jake Gator

Sketchy Hair? Check. Sketchy Mo? Check. Cowboy Hat? Check.

Mad Jake was actually for my brothers party. He and his friends were the Sheriff and his Deputies, and they chased down me and my posse. We faced off in the university mall.

This Wolfman was a lot of fun (and quite a bit of work). The face was painted using bodypaint. The ears are a separate piece. Then, I attached fur to the inside of the shirt. It’s actually the same shirt Mad Jake was wearing. He also hates taxis.

Does whatever a spider can?

Spider Balaclava + blue trackpants + the hoody I got at Universal Japan = A reasonable attempt at Spider-Man. This was for a hero party that also hosted such heroes as Tiger Woods and Raiden from Mortal Kombat.

Very wrong or very right? You be the judge...

Umm… Lets move on.

Welcome to my Nightmare!

This costume is a letdown in a few ways. One, I couldn’t get the right jumper (sweater) to wear, and it was too late to order. Also it’s mostly store bought (though it isn’t just one bought costume). The claw is a replica of the one in the new film, and scratches together really nicely. The mask is actually one of the cheapest Freddy masks available, but by far the most effective looking one I have found. The hat just came from a costume shop (I couldn’t find an affordable real one), and the shirt was just one I happened to own. It did terrify the customers at Hungry Jack though (stepping out of the shadows in the drive through) I kind of want to recreate this costume with makeup one time.

Hells Bells!

I never wore this apart from an interesting trip to buy dinner, it was just practice for my most recent Halloween costume. Looks cool though, and the baby did make it into my new costume.

This years creation

I many ways this is my most elaborate costume yet. Unfortunately you can’t see it in motion but it looked great! The face is a bought prosthetic piece (the first I have ever tried). However, I painted it all myself. It is applied to the face with spirit gum, and was great because it moved when you spoke, and was quite expressive. The hooded robe is store bought, as my initial idea of a punk demon was shattered when I couldn’t get my mohawk to stay up (my hair is pretty long at the moment.), so I grabbed it last minute. I am also wearing contacts, but it’s not really visible here.

So that’s it, most of my costumes for the past few years. Unfortunately I couldn’t find pictures of my Shit Monster costume (it cost less than 5 bucks, and looked disgusting) nor my Jack the Ripper one. If they turn up I’ll post them. Now to start planning for next year, when I will attempt to make my own face prosthetic (maybe). Any suggestions?

OH YEAH! FOR THOSE THAT CARE, SCARE DARES 2 IS FILMED AND WILL HOPEFULLY BE EDITED SHORTLY. (School’s nearly over so I haven’t had a lot of free time)


One response

  1. Mum

    I have your first costume a friendly little ghost who famously said twick or tweet. gwanma

    November 9, 2011 at 7:19 pm

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