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Top 13 Horror Marathon…

Halloween is fast approaching, so I thought I would put together a Halloween horror movie list. Whether you have seen them all a thousand times, or never seen any, you should make an effort to watch at least one of these movies this month.

Halloween (The Original)

The original Halloween has to make the list. One, it’s called Halloween so is pretty much there by default, but it’s also so much more. This defined the slasher genre, created a legendary series, put John Carpenter on the map and made the horrific face of William Shatner haunt children’s dreams. The Rob Zombie remake is OK, but do yourself a favour and watch the original, and still one of the best.

Trick ‘r Treat

This is a fairly unknown and underrated gem. Again it’s set around the Halloween season, almost guaranteeing it a spot, but there are several other important reasons it’s on this list. It’s an anthology movie (meaning it’s actually several short stories) that flow extremely well. It has a great new horror mascot (Sam, so cute, so scary), has great cameo’s (come see True Blood’s Anna Paquin gives the vampires a miss for a while) and has a perfect mix of black humour and horror.

Dog Soldiers

Don’t like horror, but enjoy Saving Private Ryan? This might be the movie for you. Scottish soldiers on a training mission are attacked by werewolves, and make their last stand in a cabin in the woods. This is fulfilling both the werewolf and the haunted cabin (Evil Dead, Cabin Fever, Cabin in the Woods, yes it is a genre) genres, but really it’s a good old-fashioned soldier movie. Neil Marshall’s other films are also recommended.

Shaun Of The Dead

It’s zombies, it’s funny, it’s British, it’s Simon Pegg. Haven’t watched it yet? DO IT!

The Lost Boys

Needed a vampire movie, but which one? 30 Days of Night was pretty close, but this is one of the first vampire movies I saw, stars Jack Bauer, features the (amazing) Corey Feldman, has a kickass soundtrack, while also featuring the greatest mullet (?) in movie (the world) history. Equal parts funny and creepy, this is a great horror for the none horror fan. It’s worth it just to look at this guy…

…and this guy.

The Ring (American)

For the remake that is actually better than the original category I present this gem. Better acting, effects and a tidier storyline make this a top little film that exceeds the original Japanese effort (it was bound to happen at least once). The premise, a videotape, that if watched, sentences you to one last week of life. The creepiest ending in almost any film.

Battle Royale

To my knowledge, this film is yet to be ruined by Americans, so you will need to deal with some subtitles. But oh is it worth it! After a slow and weird (teacher’s being stabbed in the bum weird) opening, an extremely tense thriller begins. A class full of the worst students in Japan (they were averaging Asian F’s) are put on an island and told to kill each other. Last one standing goes home. That’s all you’re getting from me, bite the bullet and watch it. But don’t bother with the sequel, it’s horrible.

Idle Hands

Originally the list had the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre in this spot. Then I thought of Seth Green’s Leatherface impression and quickly swapped this one in. It’s hilarious, gory, Seth Greeny, features The Offspring and demon possessed hands, and takes place over Halloween. Sorry Leatherface… 

Paranormal Activity

Some say it’s not scary. They have obviously never seen this film in a dark cinema in Taiwan. The screeching young Taiwanese woman next us definitely knocked it up a notch. But this is an important movie, it’s fulfilling the Haunted House genre and narrowly knocking out Blair Witch in the found footage genre. Plus it’s spooky, well crafted and perfect for a late night with a lady. Plus number 3 will be released for Halloween.

Freddy VS Jason

Do I even need to explain this one? The 2 biggest horror icons face, in an action packed, hilarious, bloody movie. Also fulfill’s the important monster mashup criteria. Not since Frankenstein met a Wolfman has a team-up this epic occurred. Check it out in 30 seconds and with bunnies below.

Wolf Creek

This movie makes it for 2 reasons. The first reason is, I’m Australian, and the sheer lack of Australianness in this list got me down a bit. Also, it’s representing the torture porn genre. Great film, featuring a creepy “Better Homes and Garden” guy. Just don’t be watching this movie right before a roadtrip in the outback, or just might not go!

Pet Semetary 2

Now I know what you’re thinking, why is this on the list? Well we needed a trashy sequel, it certainly fills that requirement. It also features a scene where a step-dad cuts off a kids head with a motorbike wheel, filling the important (and rare) evil step-parents killing kids requirement. But the main reason it makes it is because this is one of the first horror movies I saw and it really got me into the genre in general. 

Wicker Man (Nic Cage edition)

Terrible or terribly awesome? Either way it’s Nic Cage punching out farm women.

There you have it, the most final countdown since The Final Countdown. Agree, disagree? Let me know?


2 responses

  1. Call me Deckard

    Nice list, though I have to disagree concerning “The Ring”. I watched the japanese version first at the Fantasy Filmfest in Berlin in 1998 and it scared me shitless. A few years later i watched the remake and it bored the hell out of me. In my opinion the original version has a tighter pacing and it has a more claustrophobic feel to it, as if there’s no escape. Especially the finale felt much more powerful, for the editing wasn’t flashy and the cinematography was very static, which made it feel like there’s no escape. But in my experience it depends on which version one saw first. Everyone I know, who saw the original first, likes that one more and the same goes for the US version.

    October 15, 2011 at 1:18 am

    • You have a good point man, I did see the American one first. Don’t get me wrong though, I love the JApanese one too, I have seen all of them up until Spiral (Zero is my favourite in the Japanese ones). I find they are very similar, I just found the American one’s story was a little more focused. However the mythos developed in the Japanese one’s is better, am looking forward to Sadako 3D.

      Both are great, too bad the same can’t be said for all American remakes.

      October 15, 2011 at 1:51 pm

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