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Two For The Price Of One: BFF’s Episode 10 & 11

I have been a little slack with this series lately, and mostly that’s because I had only written about the first 7 episodes until recently and have been dragging it out. This ends now (or at least till I sober up), I have some direction for this season and my brain is crackling again. So today, 2 new episodes.

The first deals with the aftermath of episode 9 (so check it out first)

And as I try and incorporate all my friends, here is one I made with some fellow bitstrippers in it. (This is the site I make my comics on, check it out in the links)

And there is a big story just around the corner where you will find out what Alastair’s plans are for Travis (from when he kidnapped him all the way back in episode 3), and meet a bunch of Launceston’s newest superheroes.


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