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New Spider-Man Trailer? What does this fanatic think?

It’s a great time to be a Brendan! New Blink 182, new Batman Trailer, and now a new Spider-Man trailer (and also a leaked Avengers trailer but I am holding off on watching until after I watch Captain America).

San Diego Comic-con is just getting started, but we already have the new Spidey trailer. I caught it on Sunrise this morning at work, but thanks to the annoying Fifi Box (FYI Fifi, it’s me and most of Australia’s first time seeing the trailer, feel free to not talk all over the top of it), I just had to watch it again when I got home.

So what do you think? Personally I think it looks pretty freaking bitchin. We don’t see a lot of Spidey (on account of this movie is still a year away, they have to save something for later), but we do see quite a bit of origin. For anyone that hasn’t realised, this is a reboot of the Spidey series (hence another origin story), with new young actors, and a cool new young director (Marc Webb, watch 500 Days of Summer if you haven’t, cool film, also he has last name Webb, haha). As much as I liked the original movies (Yes, number 3 included, I even like dancing Peter) I’m keen to see what some new blood can bring to the table.

It also appears Peter’s parents are a much bigger part of the story, and it will be interesting to see what they bring to the table. I expect his Dad to especially play a big role (without necessarily appearing very much).

As for Spidey, as I said we don’t see much. We glimpse his new costume, but here’s a better look.

I’m liking it, it’s different enough you know you are watching a new Spider-Man, but it’s still pretty much the classic look (some fans hate the blue fingers, it seems a bit nitpicky to me). The big difference you can see is he has web shooters on his gloves (you also get a pretty good look in the trailer). If you only know Spidey from the movies, it may surprise you, but Peter can not make his own webs in the comics (apart from that short time where he could). So in this regard it’s following the comics pretty closely.

The other big difference is no Mary Jane. Instead we have Gwen Stacey, Peters first love. Again this is basically the same as the comics. She is played by Emma Stone (if you like teen movies, check her out in Easy A, it’s great), and looks just like she did in the comic. Peter looks a little cooler (played by Andrew Garfield, who was tops in The Social Network), but the big hair is actually in line with the Ultimate version of Peter Parker, who often has other characters comment on his unmanageable hair. (The Ultimate universe is a reboot of Marvel comics characters, with a younger cooler vibe. In much the same way, this movie is doing the same).

Overall very excited, and keen to see what next exciting geeky thing San Diego Comic-Con can get me worked up about.

Also, in case you somehow have missed it (seriously, it has been reposted a gazillion times on Facebook, I won’t be surprised when Grandma posts it), here’s the new Batman trailer too.

It’s gonna be a long wait till next year, and the new Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, Wolverine, Avengers movies, but there is still some cool things coming up to keep us going. Keep an eye out for Captain America next week, Green Lantern next month (2 months after every one else), Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes after that (ridiculous name, but looks very cool.) and the mighty Tintin around  Christmas (OMG OMG OMG, so very, very cool).Oh and the Muppets, sometime (I hear we may be waiting for that one too).

Let me know what you think, and comment below (you can even use your Facebook account)


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