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Who Is The Batman…

…of this generation?

Bet you can't guess these kids favourite Batman. It starts with Adam and ends with Weeesssstttt...

There is no denying Bat-popularity is at an all time high. He is a character that has taken over all forms of media, and it could be said he’s the only thing keeping DC’s superhero movies afloat (hopefully Green Lantern might turn this around). There are all sorts of arguments about which Batman is best, and I could write for days on this. Today however, we will decide which of the four current Batmen reign supreme.


The Movies

Movie Batman has come a long way since Mr Mom

The popular vote would definitely be this Dark Knight. His movie made more money than Harry Potter, Jack Sparrow, ET and Kevin McCallister. He is the hyper real Batman, the Batman that could just about be hanging out in our local slums, keeping the streets safe. His realistic weapons and gadgets, badass car/motorbike, body armour and husky Bat-Growl has found a place in our dark hearts.

But there is a reason I chose a picture featuring Joker. It could also be said this is a Batman who is just not as cool as the villains he’s trying to take down.

The Games

In a bold stylistic choice, the new game only features 3 colours.

There are actually 2 Batmen featuring prominently in the video games. While DC Universe Online does feature Batman a lot, it is a game about a whole world of superheroes, I will be going with the Arkham Asylum version as it is purely a Batman game.

Batman: Arkham Asylum was maybe the biggest superhero game ever. It proved you could make an excellent Batman game after a huge amount of sub-par games, and its upcoming sequel is one of the most anticipated games this year. This Batman straddles the line between realism and fantasy. His gadgets are pretty believable, but he still takes on guys like Killer Croc.

However this Batman does borrow heavily from his movie and comic book counterparts. Does he bring enough originality to the table to be number one?

The Comics

That's a lotta Batmen.

The comic is where Batman came from, and at any given time there are several interpretations of Batman lurking around. However the major player at the moment is Grant Morrisons legendary (or infamous?) run of Batman. It is a divisive version of Batman for fans, that has re-envisioned forgotten stories and characters, killed and revived Bruce Wayne (kind of), given Batman a son,  put Dick Grayson (the first Robin) in the Bat-Cowl, and set up a team of Batmen from around the world.

This Batman has a lot of fans, but almost as many haters, and for casual fans is an almost unrecognisable version of Batman. Not to mention that with DC comics upcoming relaunch/reboot/whatever the hell they are doing, is he even going to be a relevant Batman anymore?


Batman doesn't eat Nacho's.

Often fans talk about how they first discovered Batman. For many it was the Tim Burton movies, for others the classic animated series. But for me it was the Adam West series. No, I’m not 60, they used to show repeats in Australia in the afternoons. I didn’t realise it was funny, but I knew it was awesome! The current show, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, is a colourful version of Batman formed from the classic comics and TV show. It has zany gadgets, groovy villains, and hell, even had a musical episode. This is currently my favourite Batman.

It could be said though that this Batman is not nearly as cool as his supporting stars (I’m looking at you Aquaman), and they might just stop him getting your vote!

So sound off in the comments section, which Batman turns your Bat-Crank?

Papa Spank


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