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My Big Fat Canadian Dinner

As most of you guys know, I’m visiting Canada right now, and I thought I would share the dinner I had the other day, which is by far the most Canadian ever!

I went out for dinner with Sally and our friend Gin at a place in Ottawa called Dunn’s, which is famous for its smoked meat sandwich. I’d been told a few times of this Canadian delicacy, so this seemed like a good time to try it.

This is the famous smoked meat sandwich, and yes, it certainly is a lot of meat.

I have to admit, I was both shocked and impressed by the sheer amount of meat in this sandwich. It was so large I really did struggle to take a bite. As I managed that first hesitant bite though, I can’t say I enjoyed it much. I’m not sure what meat it actually is (and no one else seems to know), but it had a similar taste to a massive chunk of silverside, while also having kind of a hammy taste. I managed to eat half, and didn’t really like it. I doubt I’ll have one again, unless I happen to be in Montreal, the birthplace of this Frankenstein’s sandwich.

Poutine: Chips, gravy, and Cheese Kurd

However, luckily I had ordered Poutine on the side. Another French-Canadian dish, it’s basically the same as chips and gravy in Australia, but with an extra helping of cheese curd on top. I have tried Poutine (or dirty Pooter as it’s sometimes known) on several occasions, and haven’t been disappointed yet. It’s a delicious treat, and I hope to soon go to the restaurant Smokes, where they have 75 different kinds of Poutine.

The Canadian favourite, the Beavertail

I finished my Canadian feast with a Beavertail (and a complimentary one at that, thankyou Gin and your coupons!). It is similar to the fresh cinnamon donuts you can get in Australia, but big and flat and in the shape of a beavertail. You can get heaps of different kinds with banana, chocolate, maple butter etc. I went for the classic cinnamon/sugar variety (because that’s what my coupon entitled me to), and it was delicious. Couldn’t recommend these more.

And to top it all off, this was the first beavertail for Sally too! Now that’s bi-winning!


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